6 weeks to Pre-crawlers

In these classes we will explore tummy time, massage, yoga, auditory and visual stimulation and enhance the bond between child and caregiver.  Through song, music, exercises, and play, you will get to know your little one (and meet other families).  The emphasis is on developmental movement and growth which will set up the structure for all other developmental patterns.  The activities support healthy growth, digestion, and sleep.  Each session includes components of infant massage, yoga, developmental progression through movement. Other related topics will also be included. 

Crawling, Sitting, Pulling to Stand

Locomotion and socialization are introduced in activities that use a variety of props/toys to support the process.  Work on large therapy balls and yoga poses will be incorporated. Other related topics will also be included. 

Please inquire about sessions.

12 week session $275

6 week session $140

Drop in $25

Cash/credit card/check/Paypal accepted. Email sassafrastherapy@gmail.com to register.

Additional topics may include: tummy time challenges and solutions, observing and reading baby cues, zones/states of alertness, language development, attachment, breastfeeding, support systems, and more.

 Katherine is a pediatric Occupational Therapist and Certified Kids Yoga Teacher.