Welcome to Sassafras!

Congratulations! You’re having a baby! It’s such an exciting time of life, but there’s so much to do and prepare for. Nursery, registry, baby shower, oh yes, and a new baby bundle! Are you a little overwhelmed?

So many times, you sit in the waiting room at your OB for hours your monthly check up and then, just like that, you blink and you are out the door until next month. You want to know all the information, and so many times you can’t get all those questions answered during that short window of time. Asking Google leads to its own set of questions and probably increases your stress.

Well, what about the unanswered questions?

What do I do now? What is best for baby? What’s it going to be like? What can I eat? What nutrition do I need? I can’t keep anything down, what can I do? What is going on with my body? What exercises can I do? What is birth going to be like? What do I need to do prepare for actually having the baby?I have a baby, now what?

So many questions…

I work with expectant & new moms to decrease anxiety and eliminate stress around pregnancy and birth and becoming a mom. I help bridge the gap to increase confidence in your process and help you have a positive birth story.

I’d like to offer you support and guidance through lifestyle redesign and education on physical, mental, emotional health. I will provide resources to draw on throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Book a discovery call to begin working with me to navigate your experience in this prenatal and perinatal period.

Contact Kat at 985.869.3650 (phone), 504.662.1564 (fax), or sassafrastherapy@gmail.com for a free consult.

Thank you for letting Sassafras be a part of your life!

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